An extensive job that has included brick dating and planning excavations. The history of this building is constantly being discovered as the walls are slowly taken back to the original brick. Bread ovens, original structural beams and older renovations that have made this house what it is.

Originally starting as four individual cottages, this house shows signs of being extended in two different directions as the original house is central to everything. Different era's of building techniques are being discovered and can been seen both inside and out.

This building being located in the central part of Worcester has a lot of historical significance, standing next to great monument it has to be maintained to keep the area as pristine as possible, the whole front was rebuilt and the interior stripped to make way to 21st century plumbing, heating and electrics to make it habitable.

Great care was taken to keep this buildings heritage, so renovations to the front meant brick dating and trying to replicate older techniques to bring it back to the original specifications. The cellar has to be rebuilt because of the threat of the collapsing walls which meant digging down and then securing the foundations. A lot of work has gone into this building to make sure it stands for another few hundred years.

Renovating these to modern electrics and plumbing to make them habitable to but still working to maintain the historic part of gloucester, to make these apartments both amazing living spaces and symbols of Britain’s historic docks.

These buildings had there cellars filled in and forgotten, but uncovering the foundations and creating more living spaces below, the layout becomes extravagant, long open living spaces and high ceilings and enclosed hallways will make this an interesting place to live.

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If you are considering renovating or altering a listed building, you need to get permission from governing bodies or local authorities to maintain Britain's heritage and you need to know where to apply and what to apply for. My job as a conservation consultant is to guide you through the process and assist in the management of the project, assisting in getting work authorised and maintaining the architectural significance of the building.

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